future trends

Future Trends

This final chapter opens the reflection as to where the FINTECH sector is going.

  • Will the financial sector be fully disrupted?
  • To what extent will fiat currencies used as mobile payments become an increasingly viable solution.
  • How will FINTECH impact Financial inclusion?
  • What new business model will emerge from the use of personal data?
  • Will Bitcoin be going mainstream, will it become a standard payment method and how will the crypto-currency eco-system evolve overall?
  • Will 2016 be the year of the block-chain technology and emerge in areas of finance that have not yet been discussed?
  • What will be the sectors within FinTech that will drive the bulk of the billion-dollar investments made?
  • How will the FINTECH sector incorporate developments happening in respect to wearable devices (ie smart watch banking) and the Internet of Things?

The above offers a sample of the topics that can be covered in this chapter. We leave to our authors the full possibility of shaping their submission and scoping out what the future holds.


Submission Process:

If you wish contribute the “Future Trends” chapter of the FINTECH book, please follow these steps:

  1. Write an initial 300 word paragraph before 30 April 2015. Introduce what you wish to explore and why it matters, remember to make it catchy! Also add a quick 50 words about you.
  2. Your teaser article will be shared with the community in May 2015. They will have a chance to vote on your content.
  3. If you are selected by the community the editors will contact you and request that you write a 2,000 words article which will form part of the “Future Trends” chapter.
  4. If you are not selected by the community, the editors will none the less acknowledge your contribution in a special chapter which will list all the authors, the contact details and the category in which they wrote.

Ready? We look forward to reading your abstract so just e-mail us on “[email protected]” and put in the title “Submission: Future Trends”.