Be an Author

The FINTECH book is open to any individuals wishing to share their insights or views on the FINTECH sector. In order to contribute to the content of the FinTech Book the following process needs to be followed:

  1. Select from one of the 8 topics: ( Success Stories, Consumer-Centric Solutions, Financial Services Solutions, Social Impact, FINTECH Hubs, Emerging Markets, FINTECH Capital, Future Trends).
  2. Submit to the editors by e-mail ( [email protected]) an initial 300 word teaser of the content of your article. Deadline 30 April 2015.
  3. You will be contacted by 30 May 2015 if your article has been selected to be featured as a full article within the FINTECH book. You will have 2 months - from June to July - to write up the article.

Your work will then be edited and compiled and will form part of the FINTECH book.

If you have any questions, please drop us an e-mail on [email protected]. Note that all entries are subject to our terms and conditions (here).

Kind Regards.