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FINTECH firms globally raised more than $6.4 billion in capital in 2014, a growth of 300% over 2013. This chapter is aimed to provide the best individual angel investors, accelerators, incubators, venture capital firms and private equity investors with a platform where they can explain how they pick their winners and what value they add in addition to capital.

Practical advice for entrepreneurs may also be discussed in this chapter such as:

  • Explaining the “finance ladder”, covering the complete process from start-up finance, growth capital and exits.
  • What valuation and which data sources are helpful to value your FINTECH firm?
  • Negotiation process and advice (after having worked many years as an entrepreneur how to you ensure you negotiate the best price for your firm?)
  • What are the terms entrepreneurs or investors should never agree to? What can go wrong with funding? What are the risks for both sides?
  • Why is “Smart Money” so important for FINTECH entrepreneurs?

Submission Process:

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