Author - Janos Barberis

Status Initial Author
Country Hong Kong
Author's website http://www.FinTech.HK
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Janos Barberis’ expertise regards the new regulatory considerations generated by the development of the FinTech Sector. He founded FinTech HK, which he established to spur Hong Kong's FinTech eco-system. This led him to produce Hong Kong’s first FinTech report viewed over 14’000 times. He was appointed as a Senior Research Fellow at the Asian Institute of International Financial Law (at The University of Hong Kong) specifically focusing on developing regional Fintech regulatory frameworks. In parallel, Janos sits on the advisory board of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) FinTech Committee.

Previously, Janos was an Associate at a prospective UK retail bank, Lintel, helping it to secure a banking license from the PRA & FCA. His role follows a specialist interest developed over 7 years, in financial systems and their stability. Notably, Janos proposed to reform the Chinese shadow banking sector by developing P2P lending channels.

Submitted abstracts:

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