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Founder, CEO and Chairwoman of Entiq, a global innovation and economy enabler, and a leader in innovation delivery, new venture development and ecosystem creation. Having spearheaded Level39 Technology Accelerator, designed and run innovation programmes here, such as Cognicity as world-leading smart city technology pilot programme in Canary Wharf, and launched the industry trade body Innovate Finance, ENTIQ is entering into a new stage of development on the international stage, bringing greater connectivity and opportunity to our community here in London & the UK.

Claire was founding CEO of Innovate Finance, a City of London and Canary Wharf Group backed movement for a more balanced, resilient, and accessible financial services sector. Launched by Entiq, 54 fintech founders and the Chancellor, IF's vision was to radically transform every aspect of banking to deliver more choice to consumers and benefit to society.

Submitted abstracts:

Nurturing new fintech communities
Beyond bitcoin: The future of the blockchain