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Christine has a specialized anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing practice and is a Certified Financial Crime and Anti-Money Laundering Specialist. In that capacity, she advises on financial crime legal compliance which includes counter-terrorist financing and anti-money laundering law, FATCA compliance, economic and trade sanctions compliance for financial institutions, casinos, money services businesses, securities brokerages, law firms and for emerging financial regulatory areas and market regulation such as digital financial payment systems (such as Bitcoin), environmental economic crimes and carbon trading emissions.

She is also one of the only lawyers in world practicing in the area of gambling and anti-money laundering law, and advises casinos, gaming companies operating on mobile and online platforms, and social media entities on compliance with gaming, sports betting, wagering, anti-money laundering, and privacy laws.

Submitted abstracts:

How Emerging Markets Will Explode in FinTech and Solve Financial Inclusion Problems