Why simplicity can made stock investment a lot sexier?

Published on
26 Jun 2015
Initial Author
Teerachart Kortrakul

Whenever I start to talk about investing in the stock market, most of my friend always deny. Some is very boring and some even walk away. This is very common for my home town, Thailand the land of smile where only 0.5 percent of population is actively invest in the stock market.


I wonder why? So, I start to ask many of my friends, especially the one who don’t invest. Some said it risky, some said it’s just only for the rich people and most of them said that they don’t have time. But you know what, all of them mentioned the same thing. Stock investment is too hard for them and they don’t understand! Whenever they try too start it has too many information and don’t know where to start. Just like you driving a jet plane but… without any training!

Finance, is always made people feel that it is too hard. It’s sounds like for someone who suit up and very professional who gonna understand it. But this made their money very inefficient. Especially for the emerging market which they start to have more money to invest. So, they may end up by put their money in the jar and just buried it underneath their home!

What if…

We can make the investment more simple, sugar coated it to make it easier to digest. What if only one or two more percent of population is attracted in to the market. It means that the existing market will be triple! If we take a closer look to the emerging market, the upside of the market is very exciting especially by it enormous size of market. What really need to conquer this market may not be those best software with 1000 features but it may need only something that just simple and works.

Because finance must be understandable.

It’s that simple.