Media Role in FinTech

Published on
26 Jun 2015
Initial Author
Jesus Perez

We are in a world where delivering content is critical. The definition of the media company is becoming larger and it is really difficult to understand the role of Google, Facebook Twitter or Linkedin in the media landscape. The content is the Key but distrubution is the Queen. The business model of media companies have failed to address this new paradigm while the distributions companies earn millions of dollars and have enter in business of traditional companies like telecoms or right now in financial services.

Brand content is emerging and it is really difficult to leverage traffic and attention without show something intereseting to a user, without any massage.

Financial Media or Distribution companies became to understand that their role in fintech will really be crucial and that in the long term it will be more profitable to integrate financial business insider their companies more than sell their visibility. We have begin developing share revenues models but the new steps will be to build financial services from a Media perspective. Meanwhile the financial companies is creating his content teams and are becoming the small specialist media.

Distribution will play the same game where communities also plays an importa role. There are several examples of that phenomenon that are emerging. Thats will change the traditional distribution chanels, the concept of the tradintional financial offices. Media will be the new way to engange people more than the traditional face to face conversations.Transparency will be a new paradigm but distribution will be the key.

Thats way there is a huge oportunity for media in fintech. The companies that are understanding this new paradigm will important players and will change the status quo.

In this article I want to explain different examples of the role that Media companies will play in the Futures Trends and how financial media companies fintech companies incubators.