FinTech is the Future Itself

Published on
26 Jun 2015
Final Author
David Gyori

FinTech is ‘The Future’ itself. But even ‘Future’ has a future! And I am here to tell you about it!

I am here to tell you about it because we are just at the very beginning of a revolution: The FinTech Revolution, a revolution that changes financial services as we knew them in the last 4 000 years. Ever since banking began in Assyria by issuing grain-loans in 2 000 BC the vast majority of innovations came from within the sector. But this has fundamentally changed and as a result we are the witnesses of an era when the ecosystem of nearly 5 000 small, nimble, innovative, creative and ambitious startups has taken over the central role on this prestigious stage.

And we already have witnessed a lot! We already know the insurer that recognizes false claims by a multi-dimension voice-analysis methodology, we already know the bank that lets clients enter their online account by pushing a button on their heart-beat-recognition bracelet; we already see all our cards merged into one convenient piece of plastic, we already know cities with BitCoin ATMs, we already keep our eyes on block-chain technology changing even the way bank-guarantees are issued and handled, we already can easily create virtual POS terminals out of our smartphones whenever we want to, we already know that Artificial Intelligence is talking to us in a number of call centers unless we deliberately request real humans, and we already hear about the first beta versions of ‘roboadvisors’. We already know these. But I want to tell you about the future!

I want to tell you about the future since there is a new era descending upon the world of financial services. And I have a dream: to tell you about it in a way that really creates value for you, in a way that is just as realistic as forward-looking.