Effortless Shopping

Published on
26 Jun 2015
Initial Author
Daniel Gradenegger

Digitization will increasingly change the way we pay. The smartphone has already become as personal an item as the own physical wallet and will, in the near future, surely become even more personally relevant than the latter.

As a traditionally common and frequent process, paying has to be fast, simple and safe. Who is still prepared to wait in a digital world whose maybe most prominent characteristics are speed and easiness? We expect that the products we buy online are shipped instantly because we pay for them instantly. And many customers prefer to have even their regular shoppings delivered to their homes instead of carrying them all the way back from the store.

At the same time, they may want to make gifts to family and friends and to manage everything to do with the delivery directly from the respective shop. Eventually, customers want to be offered different solutions. Only then can they enjoy their freedom to the full. The customers of today and, even more so, of tomorrow want to spontaneously choose between different sensible service options — independently and via their smartphones.

For the seller on the other side of the payment process it is predominantly the fast availability of the money that is becoming more and more important. Having the own revenues immediately at one’s disposal is nowadays nothing less than a necessity for many businesses. In this context, fast does not mean within a day or two but ideally in less than a second, in other words, faster than a cash payment — be it in the physical store or online.

MUUME offers this with B2B wallet providing the fastest possible liquidity for businesses, much faster than any SEPA transfer. Their customers, on the other hand, profit from a payment process that is seamlessly integrated into their shopping experience.